Blue Line Media awards the Literacy Council a $100 grant

Community in Action is a new program by Blue Line Media designed to grant money (i.e., donation) to worthy nonprofit organizations. Blue Line Media understands that grants/donations are the lifeline of organizations that work to improve other people’s lives. Grants will be made to those organizations that show a need for dollars to enhance their community.

We appreciate this support from Blue Line Media, every dollar helps to support a student to reach his/her literacy goals.

Increased literacy and English language skills not only provide confidence, but give students the tools they need to change the trajectory of their lives.

Adults with increased literacy and English language skills are better able to participate in our local workforce, economy, and community. Children who can read, write and spell at grade-level have the basic skills they need to be successful in every subject. Through three tutoring programs, over 300 students of all ages increase these skills each and every year.

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