Corporate Partner Spotlight: Heartwood Realty

What sets your company apart?

Alisha and Jess are part owners of a small locally focused firm at Heartwood Realty. Alisha is a former teacher who is passionate about educating clients and going above and beyond to be there every step of the way. Her organization and communication skills that she has carried over from teaching means that no detail goes overlooked and no questions goes unanswered. Alisha’s passion for passing on knowledge with clarity and honesty make her clients feel comfortable and confident from start to finish. Jess’ background is in therapy and mediation, and these strengths allow him to build strong relationships and carefully mentor and guide clients. The process of selling or buying can be overwhelming and Jess is really able to help navigate these tough transitions and help clients accomplish their goals. Also, his experience in construction and remodeling allows him to identify nuances of a property that might be overlooked by others. He aims to always help clients be prepared to be successful homeowners and he’s been known to go back and help with a home project after move in. Together, Alisha and Jess are a strong complementary team that have the ability to provide you more than the average agent.

Why did you choose to support Literacy Together?

As a former teacher, literacy is near and dear to Alisha’s heart. Jess also has worked with troubled youth in his past. They both know that literacy is the key to unlocking so many doors, whether young or old. In this profession, strong literacy skills support people’s ability to foster independence. They especially loved that this organization was supporting the students that Alisha cares so deeply for and the adults trying to better their lives through reading.

What is your favorite book? (Or what are you reading now?)

Alisha is a huge fan of the Harry Potter series and can’t wait until their son is old enough to enjoy the books with her. As a former middle school librarian, her favorite overall genre is middle school fantasy! Jess enjoys science fiction and is always reading something, often completing multiple books a week. His favorite series is The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

Please let us know if you or someone you know is interested in becoming a corporate partner. Contact LuAnn at Thanks!

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