Summer Reading Initiative

Children of color reading

Literacy Together (LT) is excited to announce the pilot of an innovative reading initiative as part of an 8-week summer camp led by Youth Transformed for Life (YTL) that will enroll up to 50 children in Grades 1 to 5. The campers will primarily be youth of color, many of whom would benefit from a “champion” to inspire them to progress in their reading and catch up for time lost during COVID. Literacy Together will offer a paid internship prioritized for young adults of color from ages 16 to 23 to serve as tutors and mentors.

The interns will receive an initial intensive training in an established multi-sensory approach to teaching reading and will attend a weekly workshop for additional tutoring skills as well as personal enrichment. The campers will be pre- and post-tested to measure their progress in reading.

We are accepting applications now for this great opportunity! Please help us spread the word.

Summer Camp Reading Initiative Announcement

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