Success Story – RJ

Last November, I answered a phone call from a prospective Adult Education student. After hearing about our program, he was excited to proceed. I suggested that he come in for an intake meeting with me. I asked his name and typed it into my online calendar. I wrote “R.J. Davids- Intake” in the 1:00 time slot on November 22nd. Smiling, I continued my work day. I am always happy when a new student reaches out for reading help.

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Success Story – Richard

When I first met Richard in November of 2013, he was homeless and jobless. He did own a car and when he could not find temporary housing, this is where he slept. At times, Richard would need to pawn possessions, like his guitar, to earn gas money so that he could drive himself to meet his tutor. Richard read below the first grade level.

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Success Story – Gina and Day Ann

successes-2014-octoberCongratulations to Gina Poore, one of our very dedicated Adult Education students. Gina has been a Literacy Council student since 2007 and she has recently completed all twelve books in the Wilson series. This is a rare accomplishment indeed!

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