Irvin’s Story

My kids didn’t even know.
I felt trapped.

Can you imagine feeling isolated and alone, hiding your struggle from those who are closest to you? Irvin, a US Army veteran, had an undiagnosed hearing problem and signs of dyslexia that impacted his early literacy development. As a result, his life was a constant struggle. Irvin could not read his mail or fill out important forms to receive veterans’ benefits. But not knowing what was wrong, Irvin was too embarrassed to talk to anyone about his desire to learn to read.

Irvin learned that he was not alone when Literacy Together’s Adult Literacy Director made a presentation at the Veterans’ Restoration Quarters, where he was a resident. After the presentation, he courageously gave reading and writing another chance, meeting twice each week with his volunteer tutor and practicing new skills at home.

“It’s been a blessing for me. It’s never too late. Once you get this reading and writing, it’s something that no one can ever take from you.” –Irvin, Adult Education student

Please make a gift this fall that will support people like Irvin as they overcome past struggles to begin their journey toward independent, self-sufficient lives.


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