Get Help to Read

Need help to read? Need help studying for the GED?

Call Rebecca at (828) 254 – 3442  x 202

These are some of our Adult Literacy students:

How do I become an Adult Literacy student?

We have a simple 5-step process to become a student in our Adult Literacy program.

Step 1:   Call Literacy Together.

Step 2:   Schedule an appointment with Rebecca Massey.

Step 3:   Complete assessment testing.

Step 4:   Be matched with a tutor.

Step 5:   Attend tutoring sessions.

Tutoring is free and one-on-one. Every student meets with their tutor for 2+ hours a week. Basic Skills students commit to 1 year of tutoring; they work on reading, writing, and spelling. GED/HSE students commit to 6 months of tutoring; they work on one GED/HSE subject at a time. Meeting times and locations are flexible to meet students’ needs.

Our Ideal Student

The ideal student is motivated, sees the need for change, and wants help. Students’ goals can be anything from learning to read to a child to earning a High School Equivalency Diploma.  Our students sometimes need encouragement to make that first step toward their goal.

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