Holiday Giving = Student Milestones

James AP Victor-Graduation Dennis
I received my first book. I improved a whole grade level. I received my High School Equivalency diploma. I was accepted to
A-B Tech.

Your gifts make these milestones – and more! – a reality.

During this holiday season, give empowerment through education – a gift that makes a permanent difference. When a child receives a collection of books prior to entering kindergarten, he or she will have the pre-literacy skills and school readiness to succeed. When a low-income child struggling to read has a tutor free of charge, he or she can reach grade level. When adult students who read at or below a basic level improve their skills, they are able to get better jobs or enroll in college and training programs. When immigrant adults learn English and study for the U.S. Naturalization exam, they earn citizenship and become engaged members of their new community.

Your dollars train volunteer tutors, provide books for students, and support the operation of four programs that provide tutors to over 300 students and send new books to 1,270 children in Buncombe County.

Please make a gift this holiday season that will transform lives forever.

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