The joy that you make possible

Christmas came early this year for Cassandra. After more than a year of hard work with Rob, her Literacy Together tutor, she passed the final test for her GED. When she learned of her score, she broke into tears. She is already working on a certificate in food service and hospitality, and told me “This is going to mean a better life for me and my kids”. 

This was one of the many moments of joy that your support makes possible.

It’s the joy of a mother whose young daughter with dyslexia surprised her with a note that read “dear Mom I miss U   love your sweet little girl Izzy”. Or the quiet pride of Lakeva, a single mom who told her math tutor she now has the skills to help her 8 and 10 year old sons with their homework. Or the excitement of Geysel and Miriam, who proudly posed for a photo with their ESOL tutors after a ceremony in Charlotte where they took the formal oath to become U.S. citizens.

It all happens one learner at a time, through hard work and patience behind the scenes from 211 volunteers who donated 14,354 hours to tutor 275 students this past year. Lesson by lesson, week after week, volunteer tutors and motivated learners remove the barriers that stand in the way of reaching their goals.

On behalf of an amazing team of learners, tutors, staff, and board: Happy Holidays and thanks for your support. We are grateful for what we have accomplished together over the past year towards our shared vision of a community in which literacy is achievable by all.

Your support is what makes it happen. Please consider a generous Gift of Literacy as part of your holiday tradition this year. 


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