Ripple Effect

drop creating ripple in water

When a Literacy Together tutor works with a student, the impact goes well beyond that one individual. There is a ripple effect. A parent may begin to help their children with their homework, obtain a promotion or a new job to better support their family, gain the confidence to navigate the health care system, or simply enjoy reading a bedtime story to their grandchild. A grade school student may gain the skills, self-esteem, and confidence to succeed in school.

An investment in literacy ultimately has an impact on individuals, families, the community, and the economy.

John works full-time as a mechanic. He came to Literacy Together to work on his reading, writing, and spelling to improve his job prospects. John’s son Donnie moved to Asheville this year to live with his dad. Like his father, Donnie has always struggled with reading and writing and is very behind in school. Literacy Together piloted its first family literacy tutoring arrangement with John, Donnie, and their new tutor, Betty.

Working with her Literacy Together tutor, Gabriela is now communicating more confidently in English. Gabriela’s mother, Mariela, is now inspired to learn English as well: “I saw how her tutor was so patient, and I really wanted a tutor like that. I’m now with a tutor with lots of patience.”

Coming from El Salvador with very little English, Yvonne found out about Literacy Together from a friend. Now her brother and her mother are finding the free tutoring extremely beneficial. “The teachers are very nice and acknowledge the needs that we have.”

Similarly, your donations have a ripple effect. No gift is too small to make a difference. A volunteer tutor opens the door to a new world for a student learning to read. This holiday season, your generosity can ripple through our community.

Donors like you transform lives and communities through the power of literacy. Please contribute today!

We welcome donations by check, payable to Literacy Together, mail to: 31 College Place, Suite B221, Asheville, NC 28801. We now accept cryptocurrency via the button below. Credit card and PayPal donations may be made using the form below.

84.6% of expenses go directly to program services*

*Includes the value of contributed services according to audited 2020-2021 financial statements. 


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