Literacy for all! (by our ESOL volunteer tutor J.K.)

J.K. is an ESOL volunteer tutor of a student who immigrated here in January 2022. She sent us this note last week, and we’re sharing it with you with her permission. Thank you, J.K.!
“My student’s oldest girl entered first grade this fall. The school recently reported that she was not doing her homework, which is learning her ABCs and numbers and reading beginning-level books.
At first, the family had the reflexive reaction that her father, who is university-educated in his country of origin, would work with his daughter on her homework. Her mom -my student- had no access to formal education in her home country and did not read or write her native language when she arrived in Asheville. She has been studying English for a year and a half and is now proficient enough in English to help her daughter.
She knows and writes both the upper and lower case alphabet beautifully. She can also write, read, and manipulate numbers into the 100s. She is accomplished in reading and writing the 40 Dolch Pre-K sight words and is working on the 52-word Dolch Kindergarten words. She is a great asset to her daughter, and her status in the family is raised by her role as a teacher.
The “Homework Project” is now a whole family effort! She is a joy to work with. I am so lucky to have her as part of my life!”
Would you like to support an immigrant neighbor who wants to learn English? Sign up for an orientation meeting and learn more about our English for Speakers of Other Languages Program and the other Literacy Together programs. 

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