Our Igniting Superhero Readers Summer Camp is going strong!

Igniting Superhero Readers Summer CampThe Youth Literacy Program just wrapped-up week five of summer camp! Igniting Superhero Readers Summer Camp is an eight-week program working with fifty-two elementary-age students in the Youth Transformed for Life and the Christine W. Avery Learning Center summer camps. Twenty-six young adult interns received training in phonics-based instruction to work with the students daily to build literacy skills and a love for reading! 
Igniting Superhero Readers Summer Camp
The interns also benefit from professional learning opportunities. Joseph Jamison from United Way, Lauren De Haan from the UNC Asheville Career Center, and David Dowd from Bank of Americahave provided workshops for the interns to build their professional knowledge, skills, and experience.

An abundance of research supports the implementation of community-based summer bridge programs to decrease reading loss, especially for youth from low-resource households. A study published in Reading & Writing Quarterly (2018 34:3, 263-280) demonstrates that a well-designed, community-based summer program can improve literacy skill outcomes for elementary-aged students. 

 Igniting Superhero Readers Summer Camp intentionally emphasized recruiting youth of color for paid internships to serve as tutors. Recent research documents that students of color taught by those who share their identities and cultural backgrounds benefit academically and emotionally (source: Teach for America, June 2019). 

In last summer’s program, the bond between the interns and campers was almost instantaneous, and the results were encouraging. The campers received pre-and post-tests conducted by Title I Reading Specialists from Asheville City Schools, using the same tools used during the school year. Of the campers who completed both the pre-and post-tests, 41 out of 44 (93%) improved their test scores in at least one literacy area.
Igniting Superhero Readers Summer Camp

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