Hope blooms like spring flowers

With your generous contributions, our students fulfill their hopes and begin their path to reading, writing, and communicating proficiently. The impact is the same whether they are adults, newcomers, or youth: life-changing new skills that no one can take away.

I felt like I was really making an impact on the children’s academic progression. I know after seeing statistics how much tutoring children is helping with Asheville’s significant education gap. However, it makes it so much more powerful to work with the kids and get to know them each specifically.

Youth Literacy Intern tutor 

When I have class one-on-one I feel more free to ask a question. Or when I don’t understand something, my tutor is very supportive.

Sergio, ESOL student

You are the water to the seeds of literacy.

Your Gift of Literacy supports free tutoring every day for our neighbors of every age and walk of life.

No gift is too large or too small to change a life forever through the power of literacy!

91.2% of expenses go directly to program services*

*Includes the value of contributed services according to audited 2022-2023 financial statements. 



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