Success Story – Elena Zinchenko

Elena Zinchenko – Star ESOL Student

Elena Zinchenko is our star ESOL student this year! A 35-year-old woman from southern Russia, she came to us in 2008 as a Low Beginner. In six years she has attended 450 hours of instruction through the Literacy Council – with individual tutors and in small groups- while also attending ESL classes at AB Tech.

She even quit a full-time job, sacrificing some financial security, in order to work part-time and have more time for learning English. She knew that in the long term, mastery of English would lead to a more rewarding career with even more financial security.

Elena is now in the Advanced level of English and is preparing to take the US Naturalization Exam. Once that goal has been achieved she plans to enroll in a career training program at AB Tech. We have no doubt she’ll succeed! As is Elena, the LCBC staff is extremely grateful to Elena’s current tutor, Jerry Sampson, who has been working with her for over a year, and the many tutors who’ve helped Elena over the past several years.


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