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Mr. Lee’s citizenship exam success story

Citizenship exam success story

Mr. Lee came to Literacy Together in 2017, when he’d been in the US only nine months. He was matched with a tutor who had lived in Korea and was thrilled to work with a Korean student. They met weekly at the First Baptist Church in Weaverville for four years, and became dear friends. Keep reading this inspiring citizenship exam success story!

The tutor says “I consider it a privilege to work with him every week, and to help him become more comfortable in his adopted country, just like so many South Koreans helped me 45+ years ago when I was a Peace Corps volunteer in a small town in Korea.”
When Mr. Lee became eligible to apply for US citizenship, his tutor added civics to their curriculum. After he passed the US Naturalization Exam, she brought a cake and flowers to class and they celebrated along with the staff at the church that had hosted their classes for so long.
Then they came to the Literacy Together office for a brief but emotional presentation of a US flag that had been flown over the Capitol building in Mr. Lee’s honor at the request of Literacy Together. We are so proud of Mr. Lee’s accomplishments, and so very grateful to his dedicated tutor for all the effort and love she put into supporting him!
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WLOS Features Citizenship Program

On July 14, WLOS aired a story on the increased number of people seeking citizenship during this election year. The five-minute segment features a Literacy Council student, volunteer tutor, and our ESOL Director, Erin Sebelius.

The Literacy Council has offered a citizenship preparation option for almost ten years, and our students have a 100% success rate on the U.S. Naturalization Exam. This year, there is renewed motivation in casting one’s vote. “They have to hear your voice and your voice is your vote,” says Noe Herrera, who recently passed the exam.
The Literacy Council’s ESOL director, Erin Sebelius, said, “I think people are afraid, I do. … I can’t say how they’re going to vote but they’re Latinos, they’re immigrants, and they want to vote for a reason.”
Generally, there are spikes in citizenship applications during any election year. 

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Watch the video above and click here to read the accompanying article.
Click here to learn about the Literacy Council’s English for Speakers of Other Languages program.

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Success Story – Edith Passes US Naturalization Exam

When Edith first came to the US six years ago, she could hardly speak a word of English. Fast forward to December 2014, and she has just become the Literacy Council’s eighth student this year to pass the US Naturalization Exam and become a citizen – a feat that, sadly, many US-born native English speakers could not manage without some serious studying.

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