The Youth Literacy Program wrapped up the summer program Igniting Superhero Readers!

Igniting Superhero Readers summer programThe Youth Literacy Program wrapped up an 8-week summer program, Igniting Superhero Readers, in August! Twenty-six interns, young adults in the Asheville community, supported elementary students with 1:1 literacy instruction. Over 75 students participating in the Youth Transformed for Life and Christine W. Avery Learning Center summer camp programs received tutoring services to strengthen literacy skills and a love for reading!

Here is what some of the interns shared about what they learned from their experiences and the ways they saw their students grow:

“My student wanted to title a drawing she made Masterpiece, and she made a great attempt at spelling such a long hard word by herself. “

Igniting Superhero Readers summer program“My student once told me in the most adorable and goofy way, “I can’t read!” but towards the end, when we got farther in his lesson book, he was reading the lines of words very well and could also write words after I say them. Finishing the post-assessment definitely made me proud because I’ve seen my student working hard and I could tell his skills improved.”

Igniting Superhero Readers summer program“This internship contributed to my goals in the future because it has always been my dream to help POC children in the community. I always wanted to be the inspiration I wanted as a kid, and I feel I have done that with this internship.”

Igniting Superhero Readers Summer Camp



The Youth Literacy Program improves the academic achievement of children from low-income families who struggle with literacy skills.  The project trains tutors who provide free, one-on-one instruction in reading, writing, and spelling.  This program serves approximately 50 students per year (Read Izzy’s success story!). 

Youth Literacy tutors work with children from low-income families who read, write, and/or spell below grade level. Tutors in this program complete an initial orientation and 16-20 hours of training, which includes some pre-course work and/or homework (short articles to read, short videos to watch). They then receive follow-up support and the option to attend in-service training throughout their tutoring commitment.

Tutors in this program work with their students twice per week for 50 minutes each session for at least one school year. Literacy Together has identified two afterschool programs in Asheville to work with their students:  Youth Transformed for Life (YTL) and Christine W. Avery. Learn more about volunteering with this program.

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