Success Story – Travis and Carol

At the beginning of the school year, Travis was the smallest student in his first grade class. Although his teacher thought that he seemed intelligent, he tested into the lowest reading group. While half of his peers read sentences, Travis struggled to read the letters b, d, g, q, p, n, h, r, u and v. He wrote letters backwards and confused capital letters with lowercase ones. He could write no words. Travis scored below grade level in six out of seven assessments that composed his Augustine Project pre-test.

Luckily, Travis was matched with a very dedicated one-on-one tutor with the Augustine Project.

Twice a week, Travis met with his tutor, Carol. They worked on phonics, sight words, comprehension, spelling and more. Carol was not helping him with his homework or his school assignments but she was following the scope and sequence taught to her during her Augustine Project training. She was helping Travis to fill in the gaps in his learning so that he could master fundamental literacy skills that were unknown to him. They were partnered for one school year.

At the end of the school year, although Travis was still the smallest student in his first grade class, a lot had changed. His post-test indicated that he was performing at or above grade level in five of seven assessment areas. He even wrote two sentences. His tutor was by his side to help him spell three words: granny, nice and friend.


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