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We only accept recommendations for additions to this page from current students, volunteers, and partners.  

New Tutor Inquiry Materials

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ESOL Materials

Attendance Logs & Materials Request

ESOLMonthly Attendance Log (pairs) | Attendance Form Tutorial
ESOL – Monthly Attendance Log – Groups Word OR Fillable PDF
ESOL Materials Request Form | Materials Request Form Tutorial

ESOL Resources

Ventures Supplemental Materials (2nd Edition)
Ventures Supplemental Materials (3rd Edition)
ESOL Webinars & Workshops
Tutor Blog/Discussion Forum/Resource Center


Adult Literacy Materials

Adult Literacy – Monthly Tutor Log 2022 – Word OR Fillable PDF

Adult Literacy Lesson Plan

Youth Literacy Materials

Youth Literacy – Online Tutor Log Form 
Youth Literacy – Tutor Log Form Word OR Fillable PDF 

Helpful Websites


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