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New Tutor Inquiry Materials

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Attendance Logs for Current Tutors

2021-22 Attendance log_pairs (Adult Literacy & ESOL)
2021-22 Attendance log_groups (Adult Literacy & ESOL)
Online Tutor Log Form (Youth Literacy)
Tutor Log Form Word OR Fillable PDF (Youth Literacy)

Youth Literacy Materials

Interactive Literacy Games

Testing Materials

Adult Literacy & ESOL Materials

Ventures Supplemental Materials
ESOL Video Resources
Adult Literacy Lesson Plan

CASAS Test Prep

Sample Test Level A
Sample Test Level B
Sample Test Level C
Sample Test Level D
Answer sheet for CASAS Sample Items

Ventures CASAS prep_Basic
Ventures CASAS prep_Basic Answer Sheet
Ventures CASAS prep_Level 1
Ventures CASAS prep_Level 1 Answer Sheet
Ventures CASAS prep_Level 2
Ventures CASAS prep_Level 2 Answer Sheet
Ventures CASAS prep_Level 3
Ventures CASAS prep_Level 3 Answer Sheet
Ventures CASAS prep_Level 4
Ventures CASAS prep_Level 4 Answer Sheet

RTG 1 practice reading comp test
RTG 2 practice reading comp test
RTG 3 practice reading comp test
Answer sheet RTG level 1 practice test
Answer sheet RTG levels 2-3 practice test

Helpful Websites

High School Equivalency Prep

2-1-1: Referral specialists who can help students find the help they need for a variety of issues

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Resources

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